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Nuclear Family EP

by The Kimota! Bombs

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KAPOW! THWIP! It's not just any issue, It's not an affair. She wore a purple coat and had long blonde hair. She was so very smart, it happened all so fast. How was I to know that this would never last? Oh' Gwendolyn, your blue eyes shine so bright. Gwendolyn, for you I'd always fight Gwendolyn, the girl whose every sight I collect Oh' Gwendolyn, why'd you go and break your neck? You were my hero, but you let her die! papers were right about you, Jonah didn't lie! A thug, A crook, a menace behind a mask you killed my love and she's never coming back! Gwendolyn, what were you doing there? Oh' Gwendolyn, It's just so unfair! You were my first love, The girl I most admired! You deserved so much more than a careless spider Man did you mess up, you couldn't catch a break! Except for her neck, you stupid ingrate! Green Goblin's not to blame, you just couldn't let it be. it's obvious that you're jealous of Gwen and me. Chorus Three: Gwendolyn, It's just too much to bear Oh' Gwendolyn, I hope you know I cared It's time for me to move on, I know you'll understand A girl can't stay alone forever, look at Spiderman. Bridge: Gwendolyn, Gwendolyn, Never coming back again Gwendolyn, Gwendolyn, It's time to say goodbye and then Goodbye! Goodbye, Gwendolyn! It's a tragic romance, I know it really sucks It took me a day or two, to find my new love a fiery red head, she'll always have my eye Her name is Jean Grey, and I know she'll never die!
Waking up the same way, there's a buzz in my brain, a constant feeling like I'm always tired. I pop another Xanax, hope I don't get too manic, It's just too much for me when I'm inspired. Keep the facade showing, it's better if they're not knowing. I just can't afford to get fucking fired. My anxiety's growing and I pray to God it's going I'm a junkie, medically prescribed by a liar. One More Time around, it's not something I choose a bipolar melting pot of drug abuse. I'm mixing opiates and benzos, depression and booze, Genetically, born to lose. Don't worry about me, it's what I choose to do. I know a thing or two, about how to lose. I'm mixing opiates and benzos, depression and booze, Genetically, born to lose. Standing on recession, wishing I had the questions Mentally, a deadly combination. Respiratory depression lost in my confessions a silent enemy is what I'm facing. I've loved bad connections, wasted my affections. miscalculated compilations I've watched my life story, be written out for me with suicidal complications.
This is the tale of a couple kids who said and did what they wanted screwing and scrapping not giving a shit a modern day example of Nancy and Sid In A little town, that time forgot running away was their only thought parents cried and the neighbors gasped as they ran away and never looked back The world expects you to play along just hum along to the popular song la da dee, la dee dum, no one cares about where you're from la dee do, la dee da society wants to take it all la de da, la de do No one cares at all about you La da dee, la dee dum, there is nowhere left to run la de do, la da dee, sing along and be a sheep They headed out west, looking for some sin avoided the urge of a few good men The web around them wanted to win and chain their brains to a screen again avoid the lies, but used their luck nothing to swallow and plug 'em back up escape the town that time forgot now going back is their only thought Chorus: (Repeat Chorus) La Da Dee, La de dum La Da Dee, La de dum La Da Dee, La de dum noone cares where you're from Sinking in a pit of their own regret a couple victims of the neutral net The world's tiring, everyone's the same lost in the endless game for fame all they wanted was a place of their own away from ridicule, away from the drones this is the story of a couple of kids who became everything that they hated
I got cousins, I got cousins, I got cousins, I know people in other states! I got cousins, I got cousins, I got cousins, I know people in other states! And now is the part where we say something smart because the chords ascend to the top here we are, one more time...
41 02:59
We always start out the same way, Just a speedball over the mound. Never truly understanding but the answers seem profound. The sound of the same old song, we're living fast to die young. The wasted years and forgotten dreams of those gone before 41. Look around you at what has been done Time is coming for us all and you can't run I've watched so many dreamers never live out their dreams no rhyme or reason but death's the reoccurring theme I've laid to rest so many friends, forever they are young Imagine what they'd have done if they'd made it past 41 My demons are on display, my feelings hang on the wall I make shit up along the way, but then I walked before I crawled 41 is just another number, and we're here another day This one goes out to Tony, Fonner, and Wayne.
I went to a punk rock show to hear my favorite songs but some guy there was being a dick Not just any dick, but a whole bag of dick tips I wanted to stab him with a broken drumstick Ohhhh Ohhhhhh Oh Ohhhhhh Oh Ohhhhh Oh This is the Oh song! He likes Pizza and cereal They are his favorite foods (YUM!) Mystery science theater He likes to watch it in the nude (In the Nude) We like to go out and party We don't like those who are rude So you understand the point when I say that we don't like that dude I play in a punk rock band But I don't really listen to it It's okay cause the bassist Doesn't even know his instrument I went to another punk rock show Just me and my best friends And now that dick head is here and he's Bothering me again


"Nuclear Family" is the 6-song debut EP from Florida based punk band, The Kimota Bombs. Nuclear Family glues together bits and pieces of punk rock subgenres to form some fun, intimate, heavy and in some cases absolutely ridiculous songs. Blending elements of classic punk, hardcore punk, folk punk, and pop punk. This creates the bands special brand of what they call "Third-Wave Rock and Roll".


The band would like to thank:
God and all of our families and friends who have supported us in this endeavor.
Rob Sackett, Craig LeSieg, Stacey Dee, Javier Lugo, Brian Walsby, Ruben Romero, Charles Cardello, Lou Koller, Mark Elliot, Phillip J. Ray, Ty Harris, Jeremy Calderon, Dustin Orazi, SinnDee Savage, Tommy Lutz, Brandon Sommers, Emily "Monkey" Roth, Fat Mike, Stan Yak, Steve Baginske, Josh Dahl, Manuel Gil, Dee and Heidi Fish, Randall Begins... PLUS SO MANY MORE!

We also wanna thank and encourage you to look up:
BiFocal Media, Yancy St. Comics, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Sick of it All, Tytan Comics, Classic Ink Tattoos, Dealbreaker, Oxmoore, Alex Scott,


released September 7, 2017

Produced by The Kimota Bombs
Mixed and Mastered by Alex Scott
Additional mixing by Austin Garrett
Art by Brian Waslby, Martin Dunn, and Javier Lugo
Copyright The Kimota Bombs 2017

This EP was produced and recorded at the homestead of Martin and Aly Dunn.
It was initially mixed by Martin Dunn and Austin Garrett of the band Oxmoore, and later remixed and mastered by producer Alex Scott.

This record was produced by The Kimota Bombs.
All lyrics were written by Martin Dunn, EXCEPT:
"Oh, Gwendolyn" Written by Martin Dunn and Aly Dunn
"I Got Cousins" Written by Dustin Holifer
"The Oh! Song" Written by Martin Dunn and Dustin Holifer with Justin Ahlefeld



all rights reserved



The Kimota! Bombs Tampa, Florida

The Kimota Bombs are a Punk Rock band from Tampa, Florida.

Vocals - Aly Kat
Vocals/Guitar - Martin Dunn
Bass - Dirt T. Manning
Drums - Brie Tart

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